A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

After the smoke and guns….

While all of Boston celebrates the end to last weeks madness, I am sitting somewhere far away in India. The finish line looks farther than ever before to me. Now it has become a frightful place to be. Reading a news article about the London Marathon 2013 held this sunday, one of the runners asked his family to stay away from the finish line.
Sadly, I feel the same way.

I am a runner, desperate to get back to running. But I find myself constrained. I make excuses for not running, my body is recuperating, I need to give it time and such. But I can’t bring myself to run.

I need to see Aditi, hold her close, for a long time. I need to give my thanks that I am living to tell a happy story. For this, I will have to wait another two months.

Only then, perhaps, I can tie my laces once again – plod my way through the last 3 kms (could be a 5K, a 10K or a 42.09K :))

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