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Day 190, d76

on October 20, 2021

Swati has graduated to Dr. Shpall’s clinic!! She had her last Magnesium infusion yesterday and given the way her numbers are trending, Dr. Shpall feels comfortable see her at the clinic on Tuesdays. So we are dow to once a week visits. YAAAAYYYYYYYY😇

What an incredible feeling this is is! This was a great way to end the days visit after all the stress during labs. Yesterday, the nurse had 11 tubes and the 10ml bottle lined up to collect Swati’s blood. After collecting eight tubes, the blood slowed down to barely a trickle. She flushed the lumen and tried. Did not work.
By then she was already asking swati to move her heed left and then right, to cough, to raise her feet, and to strestch her shoulders and arms. I think this is meant to agitate the heart muscles 🤔

None of these worked.

She asked another nurse to bring a chair which would fully recline and Swati’s could lay flat. By then she collected half a vial and swati did not want to waste her blood, But the half-filled tube hanging from the lumen stopped drawing any more. The pressurized collection tube did not like the delay caused by switching chairs. In the medical trash the tube went😱🥺

She flushed again and the flow resumed. I was sitting and then standing at the outlines of that 3-walled cubicle, signaling to Swati to focus on her breathing. If I could give my blood, I would. But then I would do anything to spare her these 200 or so days.

10th Floor ATC

In any case, we walked out of the 2nd floor Diagnostic clinic and I had Swati drink some Capri Sun sitting on a bench. She was craving Pizza and so was I. It’s like when I am at the hospital, my gluten-free, low-carb diet is out of the 18th floor window🙃 Came back t0 10th floor ATC with pizza, an asian bowl and a veggie plate for me. Still more waiting since we did not have a room yet.

Once inside, Swati was hooked up to Magnesium and IV fluids and we settled to eat our pizza. And Dr. Shpall was in! Asked her two questions about how she was feeling and how her appetite was and proclaimed ”SHE WAS A STAR!!” She as ready to see Swati at clinic, without needing the regular maintenance and infusions that is provided at the ATC

Swati went through questions which I had faithfully compiled in my notes app – around the taper effects (What can she expect), vaccinations, and Ovaries.

My baby will be vaccinated 🥰

Covid-29 vaccine and the Flu vaccine at 90 days
Baby vaccinations begin at six months
Will schedule another consult with Oncofertility

Peeking ahead….

Yesterday was a milestone day for Swati, for us. She and Ansh went out to Dinner – a welcome change and I was so so happy💜 Here’s hoping the steroid taper is kind on her.😇

Thanks for reading!

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    A legend and a star!!

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