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Day 184, d70

on October 15, 2021

The procedure yesterday went well and Swati did well. This was a bone marrow aspiration, not a bone marrow biopsy. In an aspiration, fluid from the marrow is suctioned out. In a biopsy, a piece of the bone marrow is scraped up for analysis. I wonder why they don’t clarify this up front 🤔

From the time they wheeled her in to when they called me to recovery was all of 37 mins. She has been craving Shake Shack burger and Srinivas picked it up on the way to the hospital to get us. So she could eat as soon as she came home.

We are still waiting on the results.

Today was the first day in a long time that Swati went into the kitchen to make herself lunch – Maggi!! She had to search her way around this alien kitchen😃 We were exhilarated to see her – dad, my mom and I.

This evening, Srinivas took her to Local market her in Houston for some fries and a fall noodle dish. I think he was more excited that her😃

Tomorrow is another clinic visit – the usual blood draws and perhaps magnesium. She had a consult with the Adolescent and Young Adult center (AYA) and i get the impression it went well. The take away was for her to look to future and not live day to day. She will tell me more when she is ready I am sure.

Today she wanted to go down to the business center and Srinivas asked me if I was the helicopter mom.😱🥰 You bet I am
I gathered my work computer and went down too. Ensured that she did not touch elevator buttons and door handles. I dont think it is excessive, Do you?

Will update more as we get results.

As ever, thanks for reading

2 responses to “Day 184, d70

  1. Vardhani says:

    It’s amazing to read the details of Swati’s progress.
    Anu, reading your blog makes me feel I was there physically.

    Liked by 1 person

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