A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 179, d65

on October 10, 2021

Hey everyone, Swati has grade 1 GVH in her Duodenum, stomach and sigmoid colon and rectum. There are no viral inclusions, which is good news. Earlier in the week, the doctor started her on steroids, very unwillingly. But we had reached a point where the nausea was not resolving on its own. The 43-day Steroid schedule includes a taper plan. We are hoping that this does not impact her overall recovery of counts. In this week, we have not seen anything amiss and we continue to be hopeful.

What a change this week has seen! So many firsts in a long time!!

On Thursday, Aditi, Tanya and Swati went out to pick up Torchy’s tacos for lunch. I did not care if Swati did not eat a taco; just the fact that she had the energy to go along for the ride was a huge deal for us.
That evening, we went out to dinner, our first since March. 😇 Made sure we had outdoor seating, fairly spaced out seating.
Told Pati that the kitchen is closed for the day!!😃

It has been such a joy to have Aditi spend a few days in Houston. I am so grateful that she carves out the time from work and her responsibilities to be here with us. This afternoon, Aditi and I got to spend some alone time. Went to a place called Vinology. Wine tasting and chit chat 😍💜

Oh, on Friday evening our apartment lost power. Nobody, including the power company could figure out what was wrong. The owner offered us another apartment for the night, a couple of floors down. So much better than a hotel!!

Swati has a routine visit on Tuesday and another bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. I am trying not to think too much, just going through the motions, one day at a time. As October winds down, the countdown to Thanksgiving starts and I know Swati wants to go home to Austin for Thanksgiving. I am trying to temper her expectations, and not be fixated on artificial deadlines. We have come a long way and will do whatever is needed, however long that takes. Please continue to pray for her.

Navaratri 2021

The week marks the beginning of Navaratri. I pray to Devi to grant me divine powers to help Swati. I have this image of Goddess Chamundi slaying Mahishasura. I am no goddess but hope to slay the demon 😇 Wednesday, went my neighborhood barbershop to get my hair cut. The people in the store held hands and prayed for Swati. I was moved to tears. On this divine day, prayers to christ in a barbershop. I am convinced the universe is with me, and you, my dear reader 💜

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. moonsumit says:

    Maa Durga is very kind n will make Swati win the battle soon.

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