A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 176, d62 

on October 7, 2021

What a dramatic change since the Endoscopy on Monday !
Read on for details😊

Oh Monday was so stressful 😰They called us in earlier than scheduled which was a good thing but really it was only 30 mintues earlier and did not make a huge dent in the overall time spent. But who is looking at the clock? One caregiver is allowed to accompany the patient but in Swati’s case the lady at the front desk said “You can accompany her since she is a minor.” Swati and I looked at each other wondering the same thing – What the heck!
We are in and getting settled and changed and the doctor performing the procedure walked in saying “oh your mother has been calling us about your food.” Umm, that’s me. Sure, they remember me.

Because I push back and ask questions. They can have the last word, but I will be heard.

Originally, we were scheduled for an 8 am procedure. Then it was moved to 3 pm end of day slot because swati was an Isolation patient. Remember VRE? But she was also NPO from midnight Sunday, which meant she would not be able to eat till 5 pm Monday. And neither would she be able to take her meds. Need fluids for that. Pages and pages of instructions were included in MyChart but I called the department and began asking some eating times. This was Thursday or Friday before. They called me back Friday evening to say that Swati could have a light breakfast before 7 am and the last drink (clear fluids only) before 11 am. This definitely eased my mind because now she would not be empty. Though I appreciate the importance of being empty for a camera going into your stomach and beyond.

Coming back to the doctor – We chatted for a few minutes and I was properly respectful in my questions😊 I was well trained. My cousin, Haritha is a GI specialist and I called him as soon as I heard that Swati needed this procedure. He explained it all, told me all the questions I should ask. Somethin he said struck me, which I think applies to all, but more so doctors maybe because they aer so close to God. ‘Doctors are proud people you know, so frame everything like a a question. Don’t offend them.” 😊😊 She answered all of my and Swati’s questions and we were well prepared going in. They wheeled her in and I went back to the waiting room.

Made myself comfortable and had a smoothie carried from home – one for Swati and one for me. The thing about hospitals – strange/weird/uncomfortable to admit – so hungry. Once I are settled into the waiting mode, I want to eat ☹

Within 45 minutes of settling down in the waitin room, I heard my name called out. Swati was in recovery! She did well through the procedure and was breathing on her own through out the process. My baby was lying on a side, swaddled in blankets and a shiny cap on top of her chemo cap, fast asleep. I moved the chair around so I was in line of her vision as soon as she opened her eyes. I saw a tear glisten in the corner of her eye wanted to know if she felt pain. The nurse reassured me that she had a bout of coughing. My heart broke and I took my scarf and wiped it away. Not too much later she opened her eyes, saw me and went back to sleep, working through the anesthesia. The doctor came back to see us and told us, visually everything is fine. She encouraged Swati to go back to her regular diet. 🥺 How? Nothing stays, I thought. She asked swati what she was craving, and Swati replied “Maggie”. One Maggi coming right up at home!

All we do now is wait for the pathology reports on the biopsy.

Tuesday, October 5* Day 177, d61

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had our regular trip to the ATC. I went with Swati because I wanted to make sure she was heard. Everytime they ask Swati how she is or how she is doing, she says “okay”, or ‘good”, all in small voice. Facial expressions are lost in the masked world and all people don’t know to read eyes. So I made a deal with Swati. For today, she is going to look at her mom when the team asks her a question. I made sure that I conveyed her desperation, her agony after heaving over the bathroom sink after the smallest meal. Swati is now taking a low-dose steroids. They believe this is restricted to the Upper GI and much as they wished they did not have to, she has suffered enough. We also have a taper plan in place. The doctor also wanted a chest xray to check for pneumonia. She does seem congested with all the heaving and coughing.

For the first time, we decided to take the wheel chair to Mays clinic for xray. She was so so tired – the sedation effects las 24 hours they said. We also picked up the meds and she had the smoothie before.

The miracle of steroids

By the time we got home, the sterioids had kicked I feel. She had a small bowl of Maggi and was alert and chatty all evening.

I, on the other hand, not so.

Staying in the hospital has a different vibe than these day trips. Two days going back and forth, I was exhausted. I went to bed immediately after dinner. Needed the sleep 😊

Oh and I forgot to say that a dear friend Tanya, is visiting from Chicao. Covid tested before-Houston, in Houston.

And today, Aditi is coming to spend a few days before a work trip to San Francisco.

Thankful for many blessings and thank you for reading

ps: please excuse the typos – have a sticky ’g’ key and I have yet to figure out how to link to my previous post about VRE🤔

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