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Day 174, d60

on October 5, 2021

Nothing has changed since my last post. In a few hours Swati will have the Endoscopy performed. I cannot bring myself to say “I am sick of this”, “I am so tired”. Where will Swati go then? And what must she be going through? Last night was the worst – in a while☹ the cough gave no respite and I don’t know how much sleep she got. 

This procedure will look for:-
1- Candidiasis
2- Ulceritis
3- Esophagitis
4- Gastritis – erosive gastritis, not ulcers yet but if left untreated could become
and of course

5-GVH – this will be diagnostic, by pathology. Not visible during the procedure.

Woke her up at 630 so could drink an Ensure (light breakfast before 7 am) and then gave her some Gatorade at 1030 (within the 11am deadline)

Will update in a few hours.

2 responses to “Day 174, d60

  1. Ashok says:

    Look forward to your next update Anu. xxxx


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