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Day 166, d51

on September 26, 2021

So, yesterday was not all that I made it out to be.

Swati has developed a cough over the last couple of weeks. As with all coughs, the nights are the worst and we are recommended a cough syrup. Yesterday evening, she was unable to keep her afternoon meds down. Called the clinic line and spoke to Dr. Shpall. She suggested that we repeat a couple of meds – the more important ones (GVHD-specific).

Unfortunately, she threw that up as well.

Called the doctor again- Asked if we allowed enough time from her anti-nausea meds. But we were only two hours out and I could not give her another dose. Dr. Shpall said to give her a break and only go for the night time meds. but if she was unable to keep anything down, we should take her to emergency.

Shortly after the call, gave her some watermelon. Barely 10 minutes passed before she was gagging and heaving at the sink😰 Now i was truly scared because this was three times in less than three hours. and I was mentally preparing myself for the ER visit.

Following the doctor’s orders, we gave Swati Zofran, an anti nausea med at 9 pm, followed by her nighttime meds at 930p with some coconut water. And prayed that it stays in. Pati (my mom) sat by her bed and gave Swati some Reiki healing. We sat up till 11pm, waiting and hanging on to every rustle of her sheets. Not that any of us could have slept.

The cough was incessant last night. She must be so tired. Hope Swati has a relatively peaceful day today. Morning meds are done, Caspofungin infusion this afternoon.

One response to “Day 166, d51

  1. Ashok says:

    Anu, following your every word…all love to Swati and you all xxxxxxxxxxxx


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