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…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 151, d38

on September 12, 2021

Yesterday Friday swati had her biopsy. We had a really really early start. Left home  at 6 am. We were confused because both our phones had messages asking us to get labs done ( blood drawn) before the biopsy. Though the appointments were scheduled differently. First biopsy, then labs , then infusion. 

I called the nurse from the car and confirmed that we were going to labs first. 

For all their world class reputation, MD Anderaon can be quite un coordinated. Many times I have felt that they are quite clueless.  Who I am talking about varies – it is a sense I get through my interactions.  

This is Swati’s third biopsy and she was sanguine about it. The anesthesiologist was late!!  Made sure that they were not starting anything without him!!

The waiting room appeared small for six people and I decided to stand in the connecting hallway so I could see her wheeled into the post op recovery room. It was not too long after that I saw her tiny figure being wheeled out. recognized her jacket on the sheet. She was out and I was thankful which meant that she felt no pain. 

I know they would not let me follow them. I checked with the nurse if I could already go in. A few minutes later the nurse in the Room beckoned me. I positioned myself by her head so she could see me as soon as she opened her eyes. 

The nurse monitored swati for 45 minutes. It was quite uneventful. I wanted swati to drink something because she was NPO since last nights dinner. She had a Boost and then the transport was here to take us to the ATC. 

The gentlemen with the wheelchair was one who had transported swati at other times during our stay. It is just happy to see a familiar face and they are endlessly kind. Juan enquired how Ms Shastry was doing and was genuinely happy that she had been discharged last month. 

He dropped us off at the ATC and it was time for her infusion meds. The same that I am doing at home when she is not here. 

Thankfully swati has borne this well and has not expressed any discomfort. But then she never does. 🥺 

Saturday, September 11

Today, I was a little bit more adept in administering her medication. I don’t know how they do it but getting gloves over wet hands is hard. At the ATC I followed the steps very closely. The unwrapping of the syringe, the tearing open the alcohol wipes, the manner is holding the syringes between tire fingers so they don’t touch any surface. 

I also learnt that the third grey lumen is the smallest and the tightest to flush. Needs a little more pressure. Today I had to trust my instinct and push a little bit harder than the red and the white lumens

Can’t believe it! I have come a long way. 

The nausea is less but still comes back with a vengeance. However, Swati is getting around a little bit more than last week. Sitting with us and watching TV. Also trying to eat a regular meal. Please continue to hold her in your hearts.

Thanks for reading!!

2 responses to “Day 151, d38

  1. Ashok says:

    Thanks Anu for your – as always – detailed and clear updates – we feel we are with you in body- of course we are with you all on spirit. All looking good … Swati- ehat a trooper! BIG hugs and all love , as always xxxxxx


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