A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 149, d35

on September 10, 2021

Swati had a day off today🙃 sort of -— –

When they returned from clinic yesterday, they had a shopping bag filled with golden colored balls. These were medications for home infusion. I was completely, mentally unprepared to administer medicines. I had prepared myself to flush the lines. But administering was 😱😱 Read about my CVAD class here.

The medicine were stored in the refrigerator and we were to keep them outside for five hours before administering them. But we did not remember to pull them out till 8 am in the morning, as a result of which we could only begin at 1pm.

I was stressed out but CALM. Channeled all my energies towards recollecting every little move and action I had absorbed during our hospital stay. I remembered the ten second sanitizing steps, the push-pause, push-pause cadence to push the saline, read the instructions for the home infusion pump and that was it. I called the clinic inn the morning to check on the air bubble in the line, should it occur. In the hospital, the IV pump would let off warning beeps if it encountered an air bubble in the line. This is a pressurized packet, hence no air bubble.

The waiting to see the golden balls deflate was excruciating. But slowly and surely, the anti-fungal bag began to deflate and I knew i had gotten this right. The magnesium infused over five hours and it was 6 pm by the time I was able to untether her.

I was unable to flush the third lumen. The syringe encountered some resistance and we are taught not to force it. Called the on call nurse to ask if we need to take Swati to the clinic. We can take her in tomorrow when we are there.

We learnt something quite interesting when we met Dr. Shpall earlier this week. The post stem cell transplant report shows both donor cells in an 80-20 ratio. Will be a few more weeks before one will totally take over🧫🧫 How cool is this??

Tomorrow is a big day – Swati will undergo another bone marrow biopsy under sedation, followed by regular blood work and maintenance infusion.


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