A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 144, d30

on September 5, 2021

The Tacrolimus levels did not match – unfortunately 😰 The central line reading registered normal to high but the vein reading was low. They have increased the Tacrolimus evening dose.

Today after the clinic visit Swati was sad and she cried. I have asked her to pinpoint one reason every time she cries, so we have something tangible to address. Last few times, it is tiredness. I have heard from others of this whole body exhaustion but honestly don’t know how to resolve. I do know that what Swati is going through calls for great mental strength and tenacity.

I draw on my marathon training experiences to walk with her. I believe that you run in your mind and not your legs. When I began training, I could not imagine running 42 kms. But as I journeyed the miles and months, I came to know that the human body can be amazing, IS amazing- IF the mind so chooses. This does not wish away the physical agony, but how do you get up the next morning at 4am and put on the running shoes again?

Trying to nudge Swati along in that direction. She is bigger than this. She is a fighter and she know what she has endured and come out stronger for this. Advice? Suggestions?

The nausea is DEBILITATING. No let up. Also, lately it does not stop with the nausea. She is throwing up too.She is a worried that the nausea is not responding to the meds. Between three medications, the Pharmacist on our team has given us the outlines around which we can color.

Tomorrow is another day.

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