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…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 141, d27

on September 1, 2021

Home 🏠♥️😇

Swati is home- our Houston home but home nonetheless-
A good part of the day yesterday was spent waiting for the doctors to give their final approval for discharge and then packing up to come home. Sorry – did not update yesterday 😒

At this very moment, Swati is back at the ATC, the outpatient wing of MD Anderson. She will get some IV meds and and other maintenance as dictated by the labs. Srinivas is with her and I get to be home, working with one ear peeled to the ding of a text message. Not being the helicopter parent, but i am keenly turned to Swati’s needs at the moment 🥰

She had a good night’s sleep, definitely better than mine. At the hospital, I was second, after the nurses. At home, I am watching her with sleepy eyes, watchful for every rustle of the covers. Don’t know how to sleep on a regular bed. Realized that my right arm hurts from sleeping on this side, watching Swati. Now i need to be on my left 🙃

The nausea has not let up. We have to make a calendar and create 24-hour coverage with her nausea meds. This continues to be hard. Swati says she is sad; I am tying not to react viscerally, but support her and give her coping mechanisms. Planing to talk to some friends who have gone through this.

Ansh was here yesterday evening and cheered her up quite a bit. Bless his heart, juggling his new job with our needs. Always a pleasure having him.

Coming home, being home means something. But I feel I am someplace else. I have scratched the word normal from my lexicon. What is ‘normal’ any more? It took me four years to put my MS in perspective and (truly) make it a part of me. Now 🤔

Swati came home to a bunch of mail (old fashioned hand written cards) and hopefully showed her again, how much she is loved and cherished. Please continue to pray – we have a long road ahead of us.

2 responses to “Day 141, d27

  1. Anant Viswanath says:

    Glad Swati is back home. Our prayers continue for her and spread cheers for her.


  2. moonsumit says:

    God is great! She will be fine.


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