A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 132, D18

on August 23, 2021

Monday, Aug 23, 6 am cst

This hit me that last few days. Friday’s incident with the IV shook me up more than I let on. I took a serious nap on Saturday afternoon, while Swati was on the chair, solving the Spelling Bee in the New York Times.

Swati received platelets on Saturday and towards the end, she began itching. The nurse insisted that that she should get something even though the doctor wanted to wait and see. A dose of hydrocortisone eased the itching. The results from the CT came and it appears there is a small patch of pneumonia which they are watching. Strong possibility that this is an old from 10 days ago and was the reason for her fevers. Swati was referred to an Infectious disease specialist. He recommended getting her back on Vancomycin (of the VRE-fame) in addition to the broad spectrum cocktail that she is already getting. She is also coughing more and Robitussin appears to be helping when the spasm hits.

If you recall, we started down this road because she was unable to get the spirometer as high as she used to. I continue to be thankful to my intuition, maybe just “mom-knows”

Am I mixing up my days?🤔😢

Seems so because the chronology is off.

The NEXT day saw swati in bed all morning except for a walk inn the morning. Another round of platelets. No reactions this time – Hurray

I will be honest though. She has cried more than a couple of times in the past three days. She is all round tired. Trying to make her see the end game (for now) through the haze of nurses and meds and IVs and labs – and I don’t know how she does it.

I am so proud of her. In awe of her determination her perseverance her tenacity. Her ability to push yourself. The same work ethic I admired I now see it on full display. Albeit this is the work of life. 💕💙💜


Yesterday (Sunday for me) her WBC counts were at 0.3
We are all keeping a eye on it. They have been wildly see-sawing between 0 and 0.1
Should I be excited? Cautiously optimistic I want to say.

****UPDATE 10:47 am CST ****

During rounds, on of the PG Fellows on the care team said we should not push Swati to eat. Since yesterday, the food aspect has been stressing out Swati. Boost nutritional supplement come up 3 times a day, then the nurse wants to scan with constant q of if we have eaten and then last night the nurse talked of protein as building blocks😞 makes us feel a failure.

Swati tries; more than anyone at this point. I am happy they can see that. yoghurt cottage cheese, protein flakes supplemented along with dal and rice from home.

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