A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 128, D14

on August 20, 2021

Waiting & Waiting

..for a CT Scan!

The doctors at rounds said X-ray from yesterday showed a tiny patch which could be a ‘forming’ Pneumonia. Wile this is all expected and within acceptable ranges, they want a CT scan to look at the patch closely. We were scheduled for 2 pm and with no solids after 11am. It is now 9:45pm and no CT yet

At 430pm we were frustrated and ordered some soup and a grilled cheese because we could wait no longer. Our day nurses talked of moving this to tomorrow perhaps.

Swati has been tired all day and at &:30pm, just as she was about to go to bed after a shower, the phlebotomist came by to put an IV in her arm for a contrast CT. She was LIVID. They could not tell us when, or how late. They are known to call patients at midnight and 2 am for their CT🥺

Rather than go through the same tomorrow, she reluctantly agreed to the IV. She wept😢- just a combination of all things. Another stick in her arm, black and blue – Pains me and I try to not think.

I am sitting up, hoping they might come anytime now. But i have a feeling that it might not happen until late. So perhaps i should call it quits at 11pm🤔 and get on tomorrow’s schedule?

****Update 8/20 @ 7:20am****

No CT yet😶

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