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Day 127, D13

on August 19, 2021

Swati is having one of her better days 🙂 Pain level is 2/10, not pushing the PCA pump as much. Her energy is coming back – making plans to play Switch with friends, watch movies with friends. I am really happy.

Today was an experiment of sorts for me – my first day working at the hospital. Once I finished my 8 am stand up meeting, the morning just ran away from me. I was okay with the listen only meetings, except for a few interruptions during rounds, or nurse visits for meds. I am incredibly grateful to my team for supporting me through this. Of course no two days will be the same, so will see what happens tomorrow 😬

One of Swati’s prescribed exercises is to breathe into the incentive spirometer. This Spirometer measures how much air you can breathe in and out of your lungs, as well as how easily and fast you can the blow the air out of your lungs. The exercises train the lungs to take slow deep breaths and to increase lung capacity. In talking to Swati, I thought the ball (in the spirometer) was not going as high as it used to a few weeks ago. I mentioned this at rounds and the doctor prescribed a chest X-ray. Swati pointed out some swelling in her feet, which doctors think is due to all the fluids she is getting. The IV fluids have been further reduced from yesterday’s levels.

The just confirms that we need to be our most passionate advocates. We need to, should talk of everything that we feel or that happens to us. The doctors pay attention to all we say and typically act on what we tell them. I may be in the hospital for a prescribed treatment, but how the treatment progresses is entirely in our hands. This is a huge responsibility, one that Swati is grasping, slowly, but surely, day by day.

I have been meaning to talk about something for the past three days –
Remember Michael who we took Chinese take out last week? He gifted Aditi and me with a caregiver meditation pack, as a thank you gesture. I have been experiencing this guided meditation track every night before bed and it is amazing. Very calming and grounding and I can feel the latent stress of the day melt away. Michael and Les have a discharge date and we are so excited for the rest of their journey outside the hospital.

Today, Swati received a card in the mail, addressed to her hospital room from Michael and Les. Swati cried as she opened the card, I cried as well – tears of joy this at having found family and humanity in the face of such a dreadful reality. I will leave you with these emotions.

Les & Michael’s card to Swati

3 responses to “Day 127, D13

  1. tanya says:

    thank you for sharing with us 😢💕


  2. Tara says:

    Such a sweet card 🙂


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