A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 120, T6

on August 12, 2021

…My personal countdown clock – Five days to hospital!

Life is getting to be a collection of countdown (or count up) clocks!⏰ ⏰

Swati continues to battle waves of nausea. In addition, the pain during swallowing is worse.
With a pain level of 8/20, she has pain meds at her back and call. Today, Swati will decide if she wants the PCA Pump.

Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) is a method of pain control that gives patients the power to control their pain. The pump contains a syringe of morphine and is connected directly to her intravenous (IV) line. The built safety limit controls the dosage and the amount of pain medication dispensed.

Her fevers have been up down within a degree. They have not spike up severely – than god! If that happens, they will conduct other tests as protocol dictates.

**********Update 5:52pm CST**********

Clearly I am struggling 😶

Such a wreck this morning and I had to go into a dark closet and do pranayama Anulom Vilom. That did not help. Not sure if I was overwhelmed or was nerves protesting the stimuli around me. Told my manager that i was logging off for a bit, drew the blinds and slept from 11-1pm. Much better after.

Swati is spiking a fever. Doctors had put her on antibiotics in anticipation and moved around her nausea meds. I am relying on Aditi to send me regular updates and she is doing a fine job. I feel bad that I have left her to do this☹️ she says we are all doing our parts.

Srinivas has gone to the hospital with a mango milkshake. Swati cannot eat anything yet.

Long days ahead –

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