A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Day 119, T5

on August 10, 2021

Yesterday was the day of the swap.

Yesterday Srinivas brought Aditi to to the hospital around 2pm and picked me up.

Yesterday, I spent the night at home.

We were early enough that I could spend time with my uncle and aunt before they headed back to DC. She insisted on feeding me and made me dosas🥰 Around 6 pm we drove them to the airport and picked up some Chinese take-away.

What can i say about my first night back?🤔
How do I begin to describe?

The bed is too big, too soft
The room is too hot
The room is too dark
The blankets are too thick

My eyes and ears are missing:-
– The LED lights on the bed
– The cute lights on the IV pole
– The whirr and clicks of the infusion pump
– The loudest annoying click of the door as it opens
– The sound of the paper towel being dispensed and the ripping sound
– The beeps of the Infusion pump for “Air-in-line”, “Patient side Occluded”, “Infusion complete”
– The swish of the PPE as the nurses go about their work
– The rip of the PPE as they toss into the bin
– The ‘thunk’ of the garbage can lid as it closes

My eyes miss Swati – peering into her form on bed, tying to read any number of her minuscule moves

****Update 11:14am CST*****

Miss my showers with Swati’s chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) foam, an broad spectrum infection fighting agent.

2 responses to “Day 119, T5

  1. Nijka says:

    Love the description – cute lights on the IV pole!! 🙂


  2. V says:

    beautiful post ❤ sending strength


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