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Day 117, T3

on August 9, 2021

How are you feeling now?

Swati’s chemotherapy is treating her leukemia by decreasing the bone marrow’s ability to make new cells. This lowers the number of cells in the blood (Red blood cells, White blood cells, and platelets). Blood counts are checked everyday for the duration of treatment. When the numbers are the lowest and have dropped to 0, it is called the Nadir

I have reached my nadir.

Swati has grade 2 Esophagitis, the inflammation of the tube running from the throat to the stomach. Yesterday, she had trouble swallowing and managed to eat her meals. Today, she has difficulty swallowing food.The doctor

*****4:53pm CST*****

I took a nap for two hours. Is this till a ‘nap’? 🤔
Swati had been sleeping for sometime and I just could not write. I pulled out the couch and crashed.
All but one of her meds has been changed to IV since the swallow is going to to get a bit worse before it gets better.

The IV pole is going to be one heavy monster.
*Add to notes* needs assistance to drag it to the bathroom and during walks.

Sometime during the next couple of days, I will switch with Aditi, who will be the boarder/Caregiver. Swati is looking forward to this 💙 I am making notes for Aditi, job aid of sorts.

Swati tries to do much of this herself, but now I absolutely need to jump in. During this time, I am also getting a glute workout in. The low-slung couch encourages mindful sitting and standing 😅

*****8:53pm CST*****

This is the longest I have been writing a single post 🙄
My uncle visited Swati this evening. Also delivered dinner. Pulverized yoghurt rice because this is the easiest to go down. ☹️

It is official!! Tomorrow Aditi and I will swap places. I will add her name as Boarder to the roster and I will do mt mama bear stuff in Away mode. Will use this time to recharge and reenergize and write on some of the things that have struck me these past 117 days.

Thanks for reading!!!

One response to “Day 117, T3

  1. tanya says:

    yay aditi swap!! ❤️


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