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Day 115, T +1 (or T# from here on)

on August 6, 2021

10:52am CST

The morning started out bright and hazy. Swati was wide awake at 1:45 when I woke up last night. I am sure she had a difficult time settling down after the excitement of yesterday. I on the other hand was out like a light by 11pm. My slumber was so deep I missed her 4 am vitals 🙄

Yesterday was surreal. The buildup was bigger than the transplant itself! Shannon asked if she could feel it and Swati shook her head, holding the tube in her hand. She watched the cord gradually flow into her. Actually all of us. Visitation starts at 3pm and Srinivas was able to experience the second one with Swati. when this is over, later, I want to know what she was thinking at this time.

Me, I was sending thanks to the unknown donors (the baby, the moms, the dads). Cord blood has an entirely different set of disclosure rules. NONE!!
So it is possible I may never get to thank the people who saved Swati’s life🌞

12:04pm cst

Stepped away for laundry in between writing. I have not said even half of what is in my mind 😶 Swat is getting blood – her hemoglobin is 7. Every time this falls below 10, she will get blood. Exhaustion is par for the course now and Swati is trying to sleep through the interruptions and disturbances.

I hope no one is offended or hit by quesinesss by the next few paragraphs.

Chemo does a serious number on the GastroIntestinal (GI) tract. We have had issues with hemorrhoids (one of the markers of her diagnosis) and it seems to have resurfaced. She is getting pain meds, and topical creams. I wish I could take this away – add it to my own.

A very important aside – if you have hemorrhoid issues lasting 30 days or more, please get a blood test. Better yet, have you primary care doctor dig deep. I don’t think enough attention is paid to the elimination part of our system.

If one of my doctors over the past several years talked so me about hemorrhoids, my MS diagnosis would have come earlier. Of this I have no doubt. My un-scientific research over the past four years has brought home the importance of gut hearth The well being of our gut is critical to our health and the last several inches is every bit as important if not more. Nobody talks about this. 🤫But every single woman I have talked with has had a similar experience. But this comes up only after I bring it up first. 😬 don’t know if this is similar but ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’🤫🤔

Going back to the beginning, I have not learnt the lesson😶 I should have pressed on Swati’s gut situation. Who knows? Maybe we would have aught the cancer before it invaded over 94% of her blood ☹️ This is a regret i will always have.

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    Big hug to you and Swati


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