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Day 113, T -1

on August 4, 2021

A Rough night

Swati and I spent the evening watching Hunger Games 2 and 1 respectively. At about midnight she started feeling uneasy and I could hear her sheets rustling as she tried to get comfortable. She was feeling heavy in her chest and my thoughts went to her Central line. I began my usual ‘20 Questions’ approach to u desgane what was going on. My challenge is that Swati does not complain. I feel her stoic attitude blankets the reactions and symptoms and I am not able to get her the help she needs.

The nurse is in…

Finally, I insisted on ringing the bedside call button for the nurse. She checked her vitals, the central line – said everything looks okay and gave her a painkiller. I was in PPE and sat holding hands. She gets nervous if I am too close so I ended up sitting on a chair because I could not sleep in the PPE.

Twenty minutes later, she was still uneasy and I called for the nurse once again. This time she brought in the attending. The On-call Physician Assistant went over checklist questions and palpated the area around Swati’s central line once again. She said the pain was definitely local but the line itself was in place and good. Said she could give something stronger. swati hates the way Oxycodone her feel and she asked if there was anything in between. Alas there was not.

The nurse came in with the dressing change and some IV Oxy. I was standing next to her, holding her hands, my first look at the line that is going into one of the main veins in her body. The line that has carried the chemo all these days will tomorrow carry the cord blood cells.


Around 3 am, I could hear her sleeping. I got out of PPE and clambered onto the couch. The shift change nurse walked in at 6:50am and it took me a few mins to register. My eyes were hurting from the dim light focusing and peering at Swati’s sleeping form, trying to sense what she is feeling.

The first thing I did upon waking was to call in breakfast. One of everything not sure what she would want or could eat. Woke up with nausea and Gad orange juice with her meds

At about 10am she ate 1/4 of a pancake with syrup. And 1030am was rounds.

The doctors are not concerned but in an abundance of caution, will call for an X-ray and ultrasound.

Swati is resting and I will post an update later.

Thanks y’all, Anuradha

8:35 pm CST ****Update****

Swati and I are settling in for the night. The was sort of quiet, dealing with bout of nausea and the chest pain. Geetha, my aunt made aloo parathas, tomato chutney, and raw banana fry. Of course finishing off the meal is home made yoghurt and rice. 😃

The X-ray came back normal. The central line is in place and looks good. The Ultrasound team is back up, so the nurse pushed the exam to tomorrow. Otherwise they will wake her up at 2 am!!

Tomorrow is a brand new day in more ways than one! The cords will be administered sometime in the morning after rounds. Keeping Swati’s spirits upbeat and helping her visualize the new red blood cells taking hold in her marrow.

Please say a prayer for me when you read this – Thank you!!


2 responses to “Day 113, T -1

  1. Meena Mani says:

    My prayers and best wishes to Swati.

    I am Meena , your mother’s new friend from New York.


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