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Day 112, T -2

on August 4, 2021

2nd week @ MD Anderson

What a busy day I have had!! 1.30pm and finally a chance to sit and write 😂

Swati and I decided to have a lay-in this morning. She was tired and I decided to follow her cue. Woke up at 7:50 this morning -late by all standards for me 😱 Ordered breakfast which took an hour to get to the room. By then I was ready, tidied up the room and prepared to leave for my Central Venous Catheter (CVS) care class.

I have already demonstrated my proficiency in flushing the catheter but the video tutorial does not do justice to the finer details. I was the only one in the class and the one-on-one demonstration with a life size doll was beyond useful.

CVC post to follow 🙂

Ordered lunch on my way back to the room. Turns out that all my meals are being served in disposable containers, tray included due to my “Isolation” status. 👀 This morning my coffee was leaching out of the styrofoam cup -ugh!!! Need to ask for a mug from home <sigh> You can imagine the trash can after every meal . Add the PPE to it!! have been asking housekeeping to clear the trash 2-3 times a day.

So much PPE! for literally three seconds in the room. I have begun to wheel a small table to the door so the Kitchen staff can place the tray without stepping into the room, and without wasting a PPE. Some of the staff are regulars now. They recognize what I am thinking, and sort of knock and wait 😅 I am sure I am saving them precious time – wearing and removing the PPE for the “Isolation” rooms.

At 4pm today, we begin a new drug Tacrolimus, a prophylactic for Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). Swati will receive this 24/7, from now through transplant to discharge. Her request to be untethered from the IV pole for a few hours was granted!! We walked a mile and took in the view from the family room.

Thanks for reading!! 🤗


4:15pm Update

Love is: cutting a chips bag for easy access

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