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Day 111, T -3

on August 2, 2021

TrueBeam 6

7:10 am CST Transport has arrived to take us down to Radiation. One look at Swati’s IV pole and the Transport tech said he could not maneuver these two at the same time. So Arnel went off to look for another. I had my eye on some of the fancier ones I saw during walks.
Is that terribly shallow? Coveting a fancier IV pole?! Surely I have other things to worry about? 😣😓

once again, I forgot her piercings😤😡

The earrings were easy enough but the nose ring is always a challenge. The last time the happened was during the CT scan.
The main problem is my hands struggle with fine motor moves. This makes reaching up into nostril, holding the back and turning next to impossible. Swati’s had not been removed since she had the piercing in 12th grade. I had to remove mine and see what direction would loosen it. ( I need to removed mine every six months🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️for my MRI)

This morning I repeated the steps. 😐waaay easier than the last time.

The next item was her jacket – too thick they said. The idea to to have as much of the body exposed as possible for the radiation waves to penetrate. So we switched. Good thing we both run cold; always wearing peel-able extra layers😬 they also wanted her to do away with the sweatpants.Heated blanket please!! 🥶

The radiation technicians were very kind. They let me stay with her through the setting up. Aligned in a straight line, belly button showing, arm under head and a bag of rice around her neck. This is because the skin in the neck region is the thinnest and the rice bag adds to extra layer to facilitate even distribution.
As always, this morning I reminded her of three things 1) breathe through the nose 2) put out the intention into the universe (WIPE OUT ALL THE CANCER CELLS) 3) focus on the science.
If we take a step back, the whole thing is very cool.

8:15 am CST

Back in room and breakfast awaits! 🥞 and whipped cream

Proud of myself!! Timed it right. Room service takes an hour after order – this is standard. I place the order at 630 as soon as service opened up. Yesterday, One thing led to another and I delayed calling in. And other things led to other things and Swati did not get to eat breakfast. 🤦‍♀️ my fault 🙁

Did better this morning. Though I forgot butter and syrup!!🤦‍♀️ Luckily I am a hoarder and had extra from last time 😂 The kitchen will literally send you ONLY what you ask for. 🙄 I would think syrup is non-negotiable for pancakes. But who am I?

Treatment plan complete!!

The rest of today and two full days of rest ahead👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
Must ask Swati what she would like to do. Our routine will be the same but some tiny element of fun maybe.

Thanks for reading!!

10:10am CST

This person wept!!

Came to the family room to talk to Srinivas. Swati does not like chit-chat and I don’t like talking about her in front of her. As soon as we got on FaceTime, I broke down 😢😢😢😢

Suddenly I got thinking about what this entire experience will do to her, to the person she is.
Swati is kind, compassionate, always thinking of the people around her, emphathy runs strong in her. Easy to say she will emerge stronger, will be a better person –

She will literally be a new-born on August 5th. But she is 25 years old, a vibrant thinking person with a personality. How will this mesh? The new flesh and blood with the Swati in her mind?

I am going to re-focus on the here and now. Put a smile on my face and walk back into the room. I am NOT acting. On the contrary, I am truly WYSIWYG😎 I WILL be the positive influence she needs around her.😇 Everyone else to the back bench pls (This to the ‘Other’ lurking inside of me 😓

12:29pm CST

After rounds: Pharmacology, Microbiology, Immunology findings have been synthesized for Swati and after hundreds and thousands of such treatments, it is expected that all the leukemia is nuked from her body. Later today and tomorrow, she will begin two drugs (prophylactic) to minimize Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD).

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    happy for the rest days finally ❤️

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