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Day 109, T -5

on August 1, 2021

10:10 am CST

Day 3 chemotherapy is complete. Swati received potassium this morning as well – balancing the salts. The early morning labs drive the choreography for the day and the goal is to stay on target for Day 0

Today was devoted to fighting nausea. One of the meds that really works for her was a one time dose and they need to call the doc the pharmacy to get this ordered. The second medicine causes severe drowsiness and is Plan B for Swati. Today we did not have a choice and went with Plan B while the other was being called and ordered.

During rounds today, The doctors walked in saying it was refreshing to treat a patient like Swati who can advocate for herself.

Swati knows her medications!!

Anyways, I started this in the morning and forgot to hit publish😂 Was distracted by the idea of laundry, searching for the laundry room, and taking the walk that Swati has been bugging me to. Forgot the dryer balls during move-in so the laundry will wait till tomorrow. I stepped outside the Main Building of MD Anderson for the first time in five days and walked to the garden directly opposite.

The Dorothy Hudson Garden and the LeRoy Melcher Jr. Memorial fountain is one of the many green spaces developed by MD Anderson to help patients and caregivers relax and enjoy a little bit of nature.

Pictures are taking too long to load – perhaps later.

I let my emotions run loose in the butterfly garden. A catharsis of sorts. Long road ahead and I pray for happy outcomes.

Coming back I went through the same routine – temperature checks, hand washing. I forgot my purse which meant mo ID. 😱 Thankfully I have an image on my phone. But my heart stopping moment was yet to come. The person at the front desk was not sure if he could let me back up because technically once I go out, I cannot come back in for anther 14 days 😱😱😱. He called Swati’s nurse and asked if I could be let up. She said yes – and I thanked the angels 😇👼 Came back up and told Swati I was staying put in the Main Building till whenever.

The 24/7 AC environment has made my face all dry and itchy. I have not applied lotion on my hands in four years but that might have to change. I have paper cuts and cannot afford open wounds. But I am STAYING. Can’t image not being able to come back in – Whew!! That was a narrow shave.

Swati is tired; she does not want to talk much and I am happy to leave her alone. She loves the NYT crossword And of course Netflix and reading.

We had and early dinner – Palak paneer, dal and Cauliflower paratha. My aunt is spoiling us♥️

Dessert time 🍧🥧

I pray for a quiet night and a calm day 4 of chemo tomorrow.

2 responses to “Day 109, T -5

  1. tannohh says:

    champ swati knowing how to advocate for herself 🦙


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