A Cultured Life…

…stumbling through life with two beautiful daughters – often tripping, sometimes running!!

Spring forward!!

on March 11, 2018

Once again I wearily toss the covers away from my face and peer at the digital green numbers. 3.30 AM stares back at me. the next instant, I sat up, my brain registering 4.40 AM and i have never been happier for Daylight Savings Time (DST)

One less hour spent willing my brain and body to sleep, while I resist the urge to walk over to the kitchen and take my prescription pain medicine. The prescription does say ‘As Needed’ to side-step any thought provoking yes/no decision clauses.

Out of nowhere, I began experiencing a shoulder pain and in four months went from a twinge to all out dysfunction.  Back to my favorite Ortho who said it could be Adhesive Capsulitis. An inflammation of the sac covering the ball and socket joint of the shoulder. The kicker – Spontaneously!

I needn’t have have hit my shoulder, yanked hard on something, twisted my shoulder – to get this. Then again, I could have done any of these and I just don’t remember.

As much as I hate to admit, the human body does show the ravages of time. Of course, ever since the MS diagnosis, my understanding of body and health is turned on its head. I remember reading somewhere that the body loses 30,000- 40000 skin cells ever minute. All other body parts are also going through this shedding process, at different speeds, even as I type!! I am wondering about other unseen parts on a similar trajectory.

Mentally peering telescopically inwards, my mind is distracted from the pain meds. After one week on the opioid-group of meds, my taste buds are shot, my insides are on a 24-hour rollercoaster, and the exit pathways have shut down.

I am grateful for the one-hour early dawn and the humdrum routine which awaits.

Today, I will do a Risk-Reward analysis of a 6-hour sleep with the aforementioned side effects (in addition to all the conditions in scary literature which accompanies the medication) OR a two hour sleep cycle with perhaps more time to write😊




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