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What Rahul Dravid showed me about Swati…

on March 10, 2012

On March 9, 2012, Rahul Dravid threw the entire cricketing world and a nation into a frenzy by announcing his retirement “from International cricket and domestic as well.”

There have been reams written about this man – his humility, his graciousness, his erudition, his technique. I am not qualified to write about his cricketing record, but Rahul Dravid has given me an insightful peep into my 15-year old daughter Swati.

Since moving back to India in 2004, my daughters Aditi and Swati have taken to sport, especially Cricket and Tennis in a big way. Every match, every series telecast on TV was devoured by the girls. It was all I could do to lay down the law that said we would only watch matches when India played; the rest would have to be followed on the news and the internet. It was in 2009 that I learnt of an old classmate who was now the editor of Cricinfo. During one of our conversations, I learnt that he was a good friend of Rahul Dravid and that Dravid was visiting his Bangalore office. I arranged for Swati to visit the Cricinfo offices and meet him. Speechless and spellbound, Swati had her picture taken with both Sambit and Rahul and said not more than two sentences during the time she was there.

At that time, I treated this incident as famous person sighting and figured it would just pass on. As time wore on I was pleasantly surprised when Swati began exhibiting an interest in writing. In the days since that meeting, I got to know that Swati was already a Sambit loyalist. Sambit and Rahul together was a whole different story.

In her reactions and affections for Rahul Dravid, I recognize her ability to see behind the glamour and the glitz. I see her recognize the flinty determination on his face and the stoicism that Rahul has displayed on the pitch in YouTube videos of his grand matches. I have read Rahul Dravid crafted his game with a phenomenal individual effort.  You could see this determination in his face; it was not just an effortless waving of the bat. I see this determination in the way Swati has addressed her Achilles Heel in Math and can’t help but wonder if somewhere, somehow, this is where her determination comes from.  As she soaks in the hundreds of articles she reads about Rahul Dravid, she recognizes the grandeur and the simplicity of a man who epitomizes a gentleman and contrasts him with people who now bear the mantle in Indian cricket.

As parents we are painfully aware that children are a Work-in –Progress. We wonder who they will be when they grow up and hope that they embody the best in you as well as the very best they can ever be. Swati is only 15 but her awareness of life through Cricket has been a remarkable journey for me and I feel as though I am watching from the sidelines. She has celebrated the losses of the Indian team and cried through their lows. I know that the recent England and Australian tours were somewhat of a watershed and portend huge changes for Indian cricket. I listen to her musings and sense that she has a far greater understanding of the game than I do.

Something tells me that we have raised a girl who bats a straight bat. My hope and prayer for her is that the qualities she has been reading about and perhaps writing in her blog are the ones that she will keep uppermost as she goes through life. Not just for herself but also for those that she chooses to keep in her orbit.


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